Tips On How To Conceive A Baby Boy

Check out the internet and you’ll find many articles on how to have a baby boy naturally. While many methods are just old wives’ tales, there are some which claim to have scientific evidence… to back them up. Of course, there are some methods which are as reliable as ‘tossing a coin’, but if you want to know how to conceive a baby boy, here’s some of the more popular things to try.

Are There Some Timing Methods You Can Use?

Based on the premise that sperm carries either the Y chromosome for a boy or the X chromosome for a girl, most timing methods advocate having intercourse on particular days around ovulation. This means that you must first learn to detect your ovulation day by monitoring your cycle for several months prior to trying for a baby. If you’re hoping to conceive a boy naturally then you should optimize your chances of success by having sex on your peak days of fertility.

How To Have A Baby Boy Naturally

Can An Alkaline Diet Help?

Research has suggested that ‘preconception gender diets’ aid conception of a particular gender by changing the acidic or alkaline environment in the vagina. As male sperm prefer an alkaline environment, if you’re hoping to conceive a boy, you should avoid very acidic foods such as citrus fruits, vinegar and chocolate and eat more alkaline foods such as meats, fish, eggs and beans. Keeping your glucose levels steady by eating at regular intervals during the day should also help.

Another suggestion for how to conceive a boy is to encourage your partner to increase their consumption of caffeine as it’s believed that caffeine increases the activity of male sperm.

What About Sexual Positions?

Although the missionary position remains one of the most popular sexual positions, it may be hindering your chances of conceiving a boy naturally. This is because it only allows very shallow penetration, thus leaving the Y chromosome bearing sperm with a much longer distance to swim.

As male sperm has a shorter life span than female sperm, it may run out of energy before it reaches the egg. Therefore, sexual positions which allow for deeper penetration, such as ‘doggy style’, place the sperm nearer to the entrance of the cervix leaving a much shorter distance to swim to fertilize the egg.

So if you’re keen to know how to have a baby boy naturally, you may want to consider ditching the missionary position for a while and try a few alternative positions instead.

Who Can Show You How To Have A Baby Boy Naturally?

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