Nasal Polyps Removal

Nasal polyps develop on the side of the sinuses, and can often cause a lot of problems. First and foremost, nasal polyps makes breathing difficult, due to blockage of the airways. There are several ways… you can treat nasal polyps and they include steroids, home remedies and surgery. Nasal polyps removal is usually achieved within weeks, and sometimes patients must use a steroid spray on a daily basis. This is due to the development of recurring nasal polyps, or patients suffering from medical conditions including sinus infection, asthma and hay fever.

Does A Home Nasal Spray For Polyps Help?

One way to treat nasal polyps is the use of home remedies. Here, we recommend using a home spray that can be used as an effective alternative to steroid sprays. You need 30% of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) , which you can put in a bottle with a spray, or you can coat the inside of your nose using a cotton wool.

nasal polyps removal


If you use the solution as nose drops, simply put a few drops in each nostril twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Alternatively, you can coat the inside of the nose. Once you put the solution inside your nose, either as a drop or coating, you will experience and feel a burning sensation that will last for a few minutes.

After few minutes (10-15), the stiffness begins to ease and can expect to expel large amounts of mucus material. This is only normal. Consult your doctor for the proper dose.

Should You Use Medicaments For Nasal Polyps Removal?

Oral medicaments can also be used for removal of nasal polyps. One of the common medicaments used for this is prednisone. Your physician must prescribe this oral corticosteroid. The prednisone helps reduce the inflammation in the nostrils. Once the inflammation is reduced, the size of the polyps is also reduced. They shrink with time, and after some time, they nasal polyps are completely removed. The recommendation is to use the steroid for about 7 or 10 days. The doctor decides how long you should consume the oral medicaments depending on the size of the polyps.

See NOTE about steroids in How To Get Rid Of Nasal Polyps

Is Surgery For Nasal Polyps The Last Resort?

Surgery for nasal polyps is the last resort, and should be used only if nothing else works. Nasal polypsNasal Polyps Removal surgery is performed with an endoscope. The endoscope, a tube with light and video camera is inserted into your nose so surgeons can locate the polyps. Then they use several tools to remove the polyps, during which time you are sleeping due to the effect of general anesthesia.

The endoscopic sinus surgery is the very last resort for removal of nasal polyps, and is very rarely used. In most cases, patients can remove the polyps with other remedies.

Nasal Polyps Removal Without The Use Of Medicines

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Nasal Polyps Removal


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