How To Get Rid Of Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are just one of the many issues that you  can have with your nose. The benign soft growths develop on the lining of the sinuses or on the lining of the nose. Nasal polyps… are essentially swollen mucosa. They start as small benign growths, but can block the airways due to viral and bacterial infections. To breathe normal and easily, you must get rid of their harmful effect.

How To Get Rid Of Nasal Polyps With Natural Home Remedies

Aside from medications, there are also natural remedies that help reduce the effect of the nasal polyps. Let’s count some of them.

Garlic is probably the most effective home remedy you can find, and is especially effective in curing nasal polyps. Garlic is an antibacterial and anti inflammatory remedy. You need to chop around one teaspoon of garlic, and then swallow it with water. Repeat the procedure twice a day for couple of days, and you will breathe easily.

How To Get Rid Of Nasal Polyps

Tea tree oil is another remedy that shrinks nasal polyps. You need a cotton bud for the remedy. Dip the bud in tea tree oil, and then insert it into your nose. Try to reach the polyps. If you cannot, then put drops of the oil in each of your nostrils and inhale.

Consuming fresh dandelion is another way to reduce the effect of nasal polyps. Rich in vitamin C, dandelion unclogs your blocked airways and shrinks the polyps in your nose.

Oranges are the last remedy on this list, as they are also rich in vitamin C. Aside from helping you reduce the polyps, oranges improve the immune system. All you need to do is consume two or three oranges per day. Simple, isn’t it?

Will Steroids And Medications Get Rid Of Nasal Polyps Permanently?

Steroids are one treatment you can use in the goal of getting rid of nasal polyps. There are two ways you can use steroids for nasal polyps removal.

The first option includes steroids, sprays or tablets, which you can use to reduce the size of the polyps. Using sprays is a precaution and a way to avoid surgery. Sprays help shrinking the polyps, and in some cases, they disappear completely. While there are sprays that can be bought from the pharmacy over the counter, it is best to get a prescription from a physician.

Another way to use steroids is nasal drops that also shrink the polyps. Steroid nasal drops are the better option, since they also clear up the congestion. This way, you can breathe easily while the polyps shrink.

The first effects take place between 7 and 14 days since you start using them. Shrinkage will only be sustained for as long the steroids are used.  Once they are stopped, the polyps usually start to grow again and quite often larger than before. Steroids should only be used in the short term as, unfortunately, they have many side effects such as weight gain, nose bleeds, headaches, sore throats, vision loss and many other serious affects.  Also steroids that are prescribed fail to tackle the root cause of nasal polyps.

NOTE  If you have not commenced any steroid treatment yet it is advised not to! This can be a vicious cycle where you could get stuck on having to take steroids to keep your polyps down.

What Is The Best Treatment To Get Rid Of Nasal Polyps Naturally?

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How To Get Rid Of Nasal Polyps



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